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The following types of membership are available:

MEMBER £190 per year Full flying membership. Use of any Booker Aviation facilities and aircraft (if so qualified) and covers insurance to fly the aircraft.
MONTHLY £30 per month For one month only to enable customers who are 'passing through' to use the aircraft and facilities. Includes insurance.
PASSENGER £11 per month To fly in but not to fly as pilot - covers insurance. For regular passengers it is cheaper to join as a social member.
SOCIAL £30 per year To use ground based facilities, to fly as passenger, to receive the newsletters and to attend parties/quizzes and other social functions.

To become a member please contact us on 01494 443737.

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Wycombe Air Park,
Booker, Marlow
Bucks, SL7 3DP

Tel: 01494 443 737

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About Booker Aviation

Booker Aviation has gained its reputation over nearly fifty years as an efficient, friendly and professional flight training organisation.

We offer full modular flight training packages from Private Pilot Licences, through structured hours building, Commercial Pilot Licences, Multi-Engine Piston Ratings and Instrument Rating courses.

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